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Corda in Budello HT HR

High Twist Gut HT (polished oiled gut strings)

It can be mounted on these instruments

famiglia violino

Violin family

famiglia violino

Gamba family


Lute and Baroque Guitar


The origin of the employment of gut to make musical strings is lost in the mists of time. Along the centuries manufacturing techniques were gradually refined until they reached the perfection unanimously recognized as the trademark of Italian and French stringmakers in the 17th to 19th century.
The scope of our work, supported by constant research and painstaking experimentation, is to offer natural gut strings produced by modern craftsmen working in the ancient Italian/French string-makers manufacturing criteria that for centuries has been passed on from one generation to the next, sure to offer you the very best of our tradition and aiming to reach the magic of sound that only gut, of all materials, can achieve.


First choice plain gut strings for general use in high and mid registers. All strings more than 0.50 mm. in diameter are exclusively high twist and undergo a specific processing aiming to ensure maximum elasticity and grant the best acoustical performance, ease of attack and long playing life, as proven by many acoustics and wear-and-tear tests.

The new product we offer instead of the varnished gut strings are the semi-rectified strings (HR types) .

String -varnishing is a modern treatment which was never used historically (gut strings were kept in olive or almond oil) and its sole purpose is granting a longer string playing life. But this happens at the cost of other aspects, the most important being a loss of sound quality, brightness for example, but also the bowing attack is not as efficient as with unvarnished gut.
The surface of the demi- rectified strings is only partly rectified, imitating the manual polishing techique of the time just to obtain a true string.
With this method the amount of fibers damaged by the abrasive action is noticeably reduced as compared with strings rectified with modern procedures. The advantages are: better stability against climatic changes, longer playing life and better acoustic performance.
We tested these strings for a long time: they best imitate historic hand- polishing in that they damage only a small amount of gut fibers as compared with current rectifying methods.
The advantages are:
an improved stability by climatic changes, longer playing life (similar to those of the vernished ones) and superior acoustical performance.

Owing to the special manufacturing technique employed in the production of the demi-rectified string type, the diameters in this table indicate a mean value.
E.g. a 66 string indicates, in fact, a possible diameter-window between 65 and 67.


Gut is liable to suffer from cutting edges. Before stringing the instrument do make sure the nut and bridge are free from sharp edges and the nut grooves not too deep and perfectly smooth.
You can get rid of sharp edges with very fine grit sandpaper (600, for example) or the finest steelwool (000).
The best sound quality develops when the strings have completely set, which may ordinarily take sometime. To achieve a stable intonation in just a few minutes you can repeatedly pinch each string at midlength with your fingers, pull it decidedly sideways and tune it up again. Stop when the string does not pull out of tune anymore.

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Minimum order: 50 euros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers)

NOTE: gauges are expressed in hundred of millimeters (i.e. 120 = 1,20 mm) gut gauges on the tables are considered at the making standard condition of 20 ° C and 60 % degree of humidity.
CODE Lenght 120 cmeuros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers) Lenght 180 cm euros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers) CODE Lenght 120 cm euros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers) Lenght 180 cm euros excluding IVA / VAT / TAV (except UE customers)
38 HT 4,10 / 116 HT 12,60 25,50
40 HT 4,10 / 120 HT 14,30 28,60
42 HT 4,10 / 124 HT 14,30 28,60
44 HT 4,10 / 128 HT 14,30 28,60
46 HT 4,50 / 132 HT 14,30 28,60
48 HT 4,50 / 136 HT 14,30 28,60
50 HT 4,50 / 140 HT 16,30 32,70
52 HT 4,50 / 145 HT 16,30 32,70
54 HT 5,30 / 150 HT 16,30 32,70
56 HT 5,30 / 155 HT 16,30 32,70
58 HT 5,30 / 160 HT 17,80 35,80
60 HT 5,60 10,60 165 HT 17,80 35,80
62 HT 5,60 10,60 170 HT 17,80 35,80
64 HT 7,00 13,20 180 HT 20,40 41,00
66 HT 7,00 13,20 190 HT 22,80 45,70
68 HT 7,00 13,20 200 HT 22,80 45,70
70 HT 7,00 13,20 210 HT 26,60 53,10
73 HT 7,00 13,20 220 HT 26,60 53,10
76 HT 8,30 15,50 230 HT 26,60 53,10
79 HT 8,30 15,50 240 HT 29,20 58,30
82 HT 8,30 15,50 250 HT 29,20 58,30
85 HT 8,30 15,50 260 HT 29,20 58,30
88 HT 8,30 15,50 280 HT 36,50 73,00
91 HT 10,50 17,30 300 HT 36,50 73,00
94 HT 10,50 17,30 320 HT 40,60 76,20
97 HT 10,50 17,30 340 HT 40,60 76,20
100 HT 10,50 17,30 400 HT / 80,20
104 HT 10,50 17,30 420 HT / 84,00
108 HT 10,50 17,30 440 HT / 88,00
112 HT 13,50 25,50 460 HT / 94,00


Aquila high twist gut stringsAquila high twist gut strings Giovanni Pietro Pinaroli 'Polyanthea Technica ...' Roma 1718-32 Giovanni Pietro Pinaroli 'Polyanthea Technica ...' Roma 1718-32 Opening pages of the statute of the Roman Strings Makers' Guild, Rome 1642 (Biblioteca Angelica, Rome) Opening pages of the statute of the Roman Strings Makers' Guild, Rome 1642 (Biblioteca Angelica, Rome)

Recent comments

Guys! I have just strung my soprano,concert and banjouke with your red strings, they are awesome! The sound is rich, the tonation beautiful and the low G for the concert uke is a wonder to behold. My instruments have never sounded so good. I thought my other Aquila strings were good…..but these…..WOW! My brother-in-law also plays uses and I have bought him two sets also. Thank you sooooo much for making these strings
JUHA – Finland
Thank you very much for your kind support!!! Aquila has supported our events since we first begun and you have played a major role in helping us keep ukulele alive here……
Michael Curry – USA
Alabastro, basses were nice and round, with plenty of edge to cut through, a very good string with lots of volume….
Nylgut- Extremely dynamic string, these are loud with better tone than carbon strings, all the brightness one would ever wantI would keep them on 2 of my 5 guitars though, because the grip on them is amazing, the unbelievable dynamic range, and they are warmer than carbon…. I must admit, I have been using very clear nylon strings over the yearsso nylgut was a nice in-between alternative, I think I will buy more in the future for sure..
The Bionylon felt great under my fingers, and I loved the sustain when I would do a glissando.
George Charalampidis – Greece
…I love the sound of Aquila’s Nylgut for Oud and I do not want to buy strings from another company…
James Everhart – USA
…I thank you very much for your service. As well as the quality of your product. I am a fan of Aquila strings for life.My ukulele says thank you very much! Have a Great Day!
Salvatore Pinto – ITALY
…sono bellissime, grazie. siete stati molto gentili continuerò a usare queste corde.
Kreg Viesselman – Norway
My luthier, Leonardo Michelin-Salomon of LMS guitars, gave me a set of your strings to try on the guitar he made for me. Simply put, I love them.
Phil Doleman – UK
…Anyway, as a user of your uke strings for as long as I can remember (at least 10 years I’m sure)….I’m not asking for free products, simply to share the fact that I love your strings!
John Kelly – USA
…I have used your strings for years and love them…
Castellaro Davide – The Utopia Custom shop – Italy
… In questo periodo diversi miei clienti mi chiedono i Vostri prodotti…
M° Stefano Aruta – Italy
… ieri ho ricevuto le 12 mute di AMBRA che avevo richiesto, ho montato una nuova muta e sento il bisogno di ripeterti quanto detto al telefono a mio parere sono le migliori corde oggi reperibili.
…il mio parere è frutto di una esperienza quarantacinquennale …
Innanzi tutto ho sempre insegnato ai miei allievi che la musica è l’arte di organizzare i suoni ma la matrice di tutto è il suono in sè come mero epifenomeno ed al di la di ogni banale considerazione su potenza , durata , sustain ed altre simili amenità ti ringrazio perché attraverso la tua ricerca hai ridato nobiltà al suono della chitarra , si vede che dietro al tuo lavoro non vi è solo una mera ricerca commerciale , ma un affanno teso alla ricerca del bello in modo da mettere noi musicisti in condizione di dare il meglio…
Andrea Pettinari – ITALY
…felice che un’azienda italiana sia capace di distinguersi per professionalità e innovazione, come Voi fate.
Julian Roach – UK
… After two weeks of playing on them every day I am still delighted with them….I find them molto cantabile, with excellent sustain, quick in their response and highly responsive to variation in touch. They bring a new kind of sound out of my Sakurai-Kohno, a very ’alive’ kind of sound. I normally play on D’Addario Pro Arte, which I regard both as excellent strings and good value. Alabastros cost a lot more, but I will pay the difference for their distinctive charm. I thought you might like to know that you have a customer in the UK who is very pleased with your strings…
Taro Tamura – Japan
I have web shop ”Spain Guitar Online Shop” in Japan. I have sell mainly Classical guitars,Flamenco guitars and Ukes. I am interested in your ukuleles strings. It’s fantastic.
Eventually I got my banjo tuned to standard G tuning….
I had to shorten a couple of the strings because of too many wraps around the tuner post, but now it stays in tune.
I love these Nylgut strings…
Michael Malley – USA
…I love the low g red series for the Ukulele. On my concert uke it works great…
Andre Hendriks – NL
A ukuleleshop is not complete whitout Aquila strings
M° Massimo Gasbarroni – Italy
Come le accennavo frettolosamente, anch’io come, credo, tutti i chitarristi di questo mondo, abbiamo sempre avuto il problema di reperire delle corde di chitarra con delle prestazioni meccaniche e sonore accettabili.
Quando ero studente, fine anni quaranta-cinquanta ho provato anche le corde di budello e di seta naturalmente.
Ma se andavano bene per piccoli spazi non erano certo adatte ad una moderna sala da concerto, come ad esempio il Teatro Petruzzelli, 3000 posti, dove tenni un concerto senza problemi.
Sembrerebbe, a meno di un colossale abbaglio, che con le sue corde io possa aver finito di soffrire…
Seoung Don Min
We’re so satisfied with your product.
Thank you for everything and honored I like this nice bright tone and rapid attack response.
also I think (as you written down the back of the pack) tone stability is quite nice
David Stanley – UK
On Nylgut strings…Many listeners have commented on their beautiful clear sound.
These are the best strings I have used in over 50 years of performing & teaching.
…ok, your loaded long gut string is the best from long time.So am am waiting until you can…
Del Ventruella – US
…My first reaction, when I installed this strings, was to tell myself to send Aquila a message and proclaim the guy who came up with these red label strings to be a genius! (Probably tired of hearing that by now…)
M° Marcello Appignani
I have tried a lot of different brands of guitar strings but I never heard a sound so fitting to me! I am an ”anomalous” guitarist because I play also on the piano so I cannot have long nails and with the classical guitar strings Alabastro I got the sound I looked for.
David Stanley – UK
…My set of Alchemia lasted over four months without losing their tone or their volume. That is a big compliment to the strings. Other strings would occasionally last me six weeks, other strings normally only last me about two weeks!
Thank you for your wonderful customer service, I cannot speak highly enough of your fantastic follow up and I will continue to use Aquila strings and a lot of that has to do with the treatment I have received from you and your Company.
Steve Paull – Australia
The new Red Aquila strings have arrived.
I have tightened the lower G string up to the B above G with no problems.
Many thanks for your kindness and great service.
Vi vorrei rivolgere i miei più sentiti complimenti per il lavoro che svolgete, e il senso di orgoglio che mi compisce nel pensare che un’azienda italiana lavori in questo modo. Ho iniziato a suonare anche grazie a Voi, e questo ve lo devo.
M° Domenico Lafasciano
Ho avuto il piacere di provare le corde armoniche Aquila.
Ottimo prodotto, con perfetta intonazione, bellissima cantabilità, prontezza d’attacco,
fascino nel vibrato.
Inoltre la loro lunghezza e morbidezza, rendono anche piacevole il noioso lavoro del cambio
di corde.
Le userò e le raccomando vivamente !
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